6th October

And The Nut Tree Flowering

Look how the flowers grow. Luke 12: 27

The face of nature laughs in the springtime, her breath fresh and her eyes clearest blue. Horses gather at the river’s edge to drink its fresh clean water; the sparkling waterfall cries with joy as its torrent hits the rocks. The blackbird’s call is wild and free, rejoicing at the new abundance of food; the Cuckoo, that lover of warmth, begins its happy song. Sheep and cattle gobble the crisp, juicy grass; the meadows are alight with colours of flowers in bloom. The sun glints through the fresh green leaves, the wind rustling through the branches is the harp of nature, playing a song of love. Men are vigorous and strong, women pretty and gay; the whole world is in love with its Creator.
In Celtic Fire Robert Van de Weyer (Unattributed).

O Son of God, do a miracle for me and change my heart
You taking flesh to redeem me
was more difficult than to transform my wickedness.
It is you, who, to help me, went to be scourged.
You, dear child of Mary, are the refined molten metal of our forge.
It is you who makes the sun bright, together with the ice
it is you who creates the rivers and the salmon all along the river.
That the nut tree should be flowering
O Christ, it is a rare craft.
Through your skill too comes the kernel, you fair ear of our wheat.
Though the children of Eve ill deserve the bird flocks and the salmon
it was the Immortal One on the cross
who made both salmon and birds.
It is he who makes the flower of the sloes grow through the surface of the blackthorn
and the nut flower on other trees.
Besides this, what miracle is greater?
Tadhg Og O Huiginn d. 1448 translated by K. H. Jackson (adapted)

Wonderful creator of all we see hear and smell before us.
May we take the time to discover your handiwork in all that we explore.
The beauty of your springtime is ever before us – the marvel of new beginnings.
Bless us today with the same newness and freshness in our hearts, minds and souls