7th April

Sing With The Angels

Praise the Lord from heaven, you that live in the heights above. Praise the Lord, all you angels and heavenly armies of the Lord. Psalm 148: 1, 2

If you pray truly, you will feel within yourself a great assurance, and the angels will be your companions. Know this, that as we pray, the holy angels encourage us and stand at our sides, full of joy, and at the same time interceding on our behalf.
Evagrius of Pontus

He created good angels and archangels,
the orders of Principalities and Thrones, of Powers and Virtues
so that the goodness and majesty of the Trinity
might not be unproductive in all works of bounty
but might have heavenly beings in which he might
greatly show forth his favours by a word of power.

From the summit of the kingdom of heaven, where angels stand,
from his radiant brightness, from the loneliness of his own form
through being proud Lucifer had fallen, whom he had formed
and the apostate angels also, by the same sad fall
of the author of vainglory and obstinate envy,
the rest continuing in their dominions.

At once, when the stars were made, lights of the firmament
the angels praised for his wonderful creating
the Lord of this immense mass, the Craftsman of the Heavens,
with a praiseworthy proclamation, fitting and unchanging
in an excellent symphony they gave thanks to the Lord
not by any endowment of nature, but out of love and choice.
Altus Prosator Attributed to Columba

May the seven angels of the Holy Spirit
And the two guardian angels
Shield us this and every night
Till light and dawn shall come.
Carmina Gadelica