7th October


Almighty God who blesses you with blessings of corn and flowers, blessings of ancient mountains, delightful things from everlasting hills. Genesis 49: 25, 26

Celtic Christians never lose sight of the fact that God delights to have a world that overflows with blessings. Since Augustine to many Christians have looked at the world only to see what is wrong with it, and a jaundiced outlook has set in. Yet blessing is an essential part of our biblical and our Celtic birthright that we need to recover.

In the Old Testament blessing is life, health and fertility for the people, their cattle, their fields… blessing is the basic power of life itself.
Claus Westermann

Abraham, whom we call our father in the faith, has his entire vocation carved out for him in terms of blessing: All the communities of the earth shall find blessing in you (Genesis 12. 4) When Jacob gave his final blessings to the twelve tribes that grew out of his twelve sons he gave each one a blessing that was appropriate to their character and circumstances (Genesis 49). Blessings of a whole tribe were passed on through a father and sons. Christ’s final act before his ascension was to bless his assembled apostles. Through the hands of the apostles and their successors the Lord continues to bless his people even now.

O, King of the Tree of Life,
The blossoms on the branches are your people,
The singing birds are your angels,
The whispering breeze is your Spirit.
O, King of the Tree of Life,
May the blossoms bring forth the sweetest fruit,
May the birds sing out the highest praise,
May your Spirit cover all with his gentle breath.
The blessing of God and the Lord be yours,
The blessing of the perfect Spirit be yours,
The blessing of the Three be pouring for you
Mildly and generously,
Mildly and generously.
Carmina Gadelica