8th March

Dealing With A Situation

Then Peter said, ‘Ananias, how is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit….? You have not lied to human beings, but to God.’ Acts 5: 3,4.

Ninian was refreshing ever increasing numbers of believers with Christ’s teachings, but there were pitfalls to overcome within the church. Once he was in a crowded church when a lone mother with emotional and guilt problems was bringing her newborn baby to be baptised by one of Ninian’s ministers. She loudly accused him of being the father. Ninian knew this priest was a holy man, but he needed to clear this matter up in the minds of everybody in a way which had the stamp of Christ’s authority.

He was given a bold inspiration and called for silence. ‘I believe this man is innocent, but now I ask you my child’ (he pointed to the baby) ‘to point out to us who is the man who committed this sin and who is your father. I command you to do this in the name of the Thunderer.’

To the amazement of everyone this day-old child pointed its finger at a man in the congregation, and started to make sounds, breaking the laws of nature, so that everyone understood it was saying: “That man is my father and the priest is innocent.” The people were convinced this came from God, and they moved into a time of praise.

Pray for ministers who are under attack from people who are challenged by their holy lives or their teachings. Are there situations over which we need to take authority in the name of the Lord? Remember, God can show us what to do in any situation.

In Ninian there was nothing of fear, all was love.
Forgive us for the places in our lives where fear has driven out love.
In Ninian truth and holiness shone out.
Forgive us for the places in our lives which are false or frozen.
Help us to take authority in your name over every confused or unsavoury situation.