9th March

Believe And See

Jesus said: “Whoever believes in me will do the works that I do also”. John 14: 12

Many leading people sent their sons to be educated at Ninian’s Centre at the place now known as Whithorn. It was a Centre that educated them for a whole life, and everything was used to help build character, as the following story illustrates.

One youth committed such a serious offence that the ‘last resort’ discipline of the cane was to be used. To escape this he ran away, taking with him the pastoral staff that Ninian used. He stumbled upon a curragh by the shore, not realising that it was not properly covered with waterproof leather, and he was carried out to sea. The boat began to leak, and the young man was in terror of his life.

However, our extremity is God’s opportunity: he admitted and confessed before God his wrongful rebellion and truly repented of it. Then he started to talk to Ninian, as if he were present. He asked Ninian to save him. The young man took Ninian’s staff and stuck it in the largest leaking hole, and the boat stayed afloat. An easterly wind arose, and took the boat back to the shore.

A crowd of people had gathered. The young man, now filled with faith and with a desire to witness to Christ, told them what had happened, and planted Ninian’s staff in the ground, as a sign that a miracle-working God will come to the aid of all who truly believe. It was said that the staff took root and sprouted into a tree that became a constant reminder of God’s answer to prayer.

Lord, I have rebelled, forgive my proud heart.
Lord, I reach out to you, I believe for whatever you want to do today.