9th November

All This God Gives Us

The blind can see, the lame can walk, and the Good News is preached. Matthew 11: 5, 6

He who so calmly rode
The little ass fair of form
Who healed each hurt and bloody wound
That clave to the people of every age:
He made glad the sad and the outcast
He gave the rest to the restless and the tired
He made free the bond and the unruly
Each old and young in the land.
He stemmed the fierce-rushing blood
He took the keen prickle from the eyes
He drank the draught that was bitter
Trusting to the High Father of heaven.
He gave strength to Peter and Paul
He gave strength to the Mother of tears
He gave strength to Brigid of the flocks
Each joint and bone and sinew.
Carmina Gadelica

O Lord, charity without limit and mercy without measure
of your love you have today come to me
and on my part it was hope which enabled me to receive you.
I give you my body as a temple
my heart as your altar, and my soul as your chalice.
O Lord, holy sinless lamb, O merciful redeemer
O gentle infant Jesus, cover me with your cloak
Grant me sanctuary with your heart
Draw me into your kingdom
Heal me by your sweetness and charity
Revive me by your death
Hide me within your wounds
Wash me with your blood
Fill me with your love
And make me in every way agreeable to your heart, O Lord
An Timire 1911 collected by Sean P Floin.
Mount Melleray Monastery, Ireland