Igniting the Flame will begin in Australia, February 2020. Applicants can apply after September, 2019 and before 20th January 2020.

A one year course defining a ‘Way of Life’ following Community of Aidan and Hilda guidelines. This distance learning course will be of interest if you are looking for a carefully structured and supportive way to make sense of your life.

The course aims to help you:

  • understand the benefits of a well thought-out personal Way of Life
  • reassess your present Way of Life
  • develop the confidence to go on exploring and refining your Christian faith
  • introduce you to Celtic spirituality


  • Distance learning
  • 10 units each of 2/3 weeks, plus time to put into practice decisions made
  • Each unit includes set readings and suggestions for further reading
  • 4 short pieces of work to hand in, each preceded by a preparation week
  • A final additional piece of work: your completed Way of Life
  • Assignments do not have to be submitted as written work
  • You keep a journal


  • Unit 1     Introduction to the course
  • Unit 2     A rhythm of prayer, work and recreation
  • Unit 3     Life-long learning
  • Unit 4     Spiritual journey
  • Unit 5     Prayer – Openness to God
  • Unit 6     Simple lifestyle
  • Unit 7     Creation
  • Unit 8     Healing fragmented people and communities
  • Unit 9     Building unity
  • Unit 10    Mission/justice


  • A tutor, your existing Soul Friend or a mentor provided by the community
  • Other students, via email/etc as negotiated


  • You will receive a pdf of the illustrated course books and should request a copy of the course reader New Celtic Monasticism For Everyday PeopleA Pilgrim Way, by Ray Simpson if you do not already have one

For further inquiries, including costs, please contact Bruce Challoner – challoner@bigpond.com