Visit by Simon Reed October 2019

Simon Reed is minister of two Anglican churches in multicultural West London, where he has lived for over 20 years.  He is also one of the three Guardians of the Community of Aidan and Hilda, an international and interdenominational dispersed new monastic community which draws inspiration from the Celtic Christians who brought Christ to the British Isles in the first millennium.

He is the author of two books, Creating Community: Ancient Ways For Modern Churches (BRF 2013) and Followers Of The Way: Ancient Discipleship For Modern Christians (BRF 2017), showing how Celtic inspired Christianity can be a means of renewal for today’s church.  He has been a seminar speaker at national church events in the UK, and led events for churches abroad.

Simon is married with a family.  In his spare time he loves hill walking, rock climbing and mountaineering, and is also an active football supporter.

The itinerary for the visit is as follows:

Arrive Australia               Tuesday evening the 15th October. Stay in Sydney overnight.

Wednesday 16th October  Early train to Newcastle. Meet with Matt Lamont and other groups for day. Stay overnight

Thursday 17th October     Train Newcastle to Sydney, Train Sydney to Canberra

Friday 18th to Sunday 20th October  Canberra

Monday 21st October        Fly Canberra to Brisbane. Meetings Brisbane pm.

Tuesday 22nd October      Meeting Heather Johnstone and group at Buderim for day

Wednesday 23rd October  Meetings with groups in Brisbane for day

Thursday 24th October      Fly Brisbane to Melbourne. Thursday evening friends, seekers and wayfarers ‘Meet and Greet’ with Simon – 142 McClelland Ave Lara, 3212 from 6:30 – 9:30pm including pizza.

Friday 25th October             Free Time

Saturday 26th October        Day Seminar ‘Celtic Spirituality & Aboriginality in Australia’ finishing with panel at St Oswald’s Anglican Church, 100 High Street, Glen Iris, Melbourne $10 registration. 9:00am registration 9:30am till 4pm

Sunday 27th October            St. Oswald’s 10:00am service. Tour around Melbourne pm

Monday 28th October          Melbourne to Adelaide (Drive)

Tuesday 29th October          Meetings with groups in Adelaide

Wednesday 30th October    Meetings with groups in Adelaide. Flight for London pm. Arrive London about midday Thursday 31st

Any queries, please contact Bruce Challoner 0400546449

Prayer for Spring 2019

Glorious creator of the Seasons,
We thank you for the time of Spring.
We stand in awe at the way you bring forth new life from the soil, animals and insects.
We marvel at the way you can turn an empty desert into a rainbow of colours of blooming flowers.
Lord take our hearts, our minds, our souls and create a new and vibrant change that is honouring to you.
Allow your Spring to well up within us.

Prayer of Life (Summer) 2018

Creator of the Australian Summer,
The dusty willy willies, the hot sweltering heat.
The welcoming break in a shade of a gum tree.
May at these moments, we take the time to thank you.

The joy of swimming in the local water hole,
Replenishing our energy on sandy beaches with family or friends.
The time of holidays and relaxing or keeping the grass under control at home.
In all, may be breath in your goodness you bless into our lives.

The unspeakable majesty of your setting sun
Out of darkness. the canvas of colour each dawning day.
We stand in awe at your paint stokes to flowers and plants.
All of your creation is a masterpiece.

In your beauty may we stop and observe,
The warbling flute of a magpie in song
The laugh of a Kookaburra or the chatter of a willie wagtail.
In the business of bees may we rejoice in your creation.

Teach us to slow down and praise your more.
For the divisiveness of summer heat and flooding rains.
Of dusty winds and cooling change at the end of the day.
May Summer be a time of enjoying everything you have given us.
Each day may we reflect on the gift of life.

Prayer of Longing (Spring) 2018

As the earth lies hard and dry,
cracks open to the sky:
Waiting for the coming rain
To pour into the crevices of its heart.
So I long for refreshment of my soul:
Your love to pour into the dry, aching loneliness of my heart.
In its season rain falls:
and the desert becomes a flowing river.
As the ground is covered in riotous colour — wild, without beginning or end:
So will my life be.
In its season the rain will come: Bringing your glory into my life.
My trust is in you, O God:
Wait, my soul, wait.
Wait on the Lord.

Judy Kennedy

Prayer for Winter 2017

Star Kindler and Weaver of wonder
As winter stars light up the darkness of light
Reveal to us fresh sources of hope.

With the chill of winter morning cold
And the warmness of of cosy bed
Challenge us to continue to move in your daily rhythm
Remind us to move from the self-centred protection
To love those around us.

We bind ourselves to you, in mind body and soul
Although our hands may be cold and unwelcoming
Kindle our hearts with the fire of your love.
That we may reach out to the frozen world.

May the coldness remind us that it is a time of waiting
Reflecting on our journey with you
Prayerfully seeking your will in our lives
Remaining in your shadow for protection and sustanance.

Lord of the darkness
May we embrace the darkness of our soul
Be refreshed in your penetrating light
And store memories of your love for the days ahead.

(Adapted from Ray Simpson’s book, His Complete Celtic Prayers – Winter)

Prayer For Summer 2017

Great Architect of the summer season,
The hot scorched sun, the sweltering burning wind,
The parched dry land with withered plants and grasses,
Reveal to me, Your nearness and majesty.

Artist of Creation, I stand in awe,
At the dazzling colours of Your flowering plants
The dawning of light from Your awaking sun
To the majestic canvas You paint at the closing of the day.

Your summer furnace draws me nearer a watering hole
To escape from the relentless heat of the day
A place of sanctuary from my daily life
The need for shelter and refreshment.

Creator of Fire, may I rest under the shade of Your sheltering arms
To experience the cool caress of Your Son’s touch on my life
To drink the quenching, renewing drops of Your love
To satisfy the thirst of my soul

May the gentle renewing breeze of Your Holy Spirit
Sustain me during the hot days ahead
Surround me with the three-fold circle of the Trinity
That I may have the strength to serve You

Creator of rhythm,
Thank You for the heat You bring into my life
Thank You for the cool shelter and refreshment
May both be used to glorify Your name.

 New Year Message for 2017

The following poem is called The Saints’ Calendar of Adamnan (modified for Australian seasons). Adamnan became the ninth abbot on Iona in 679. He gave sanctuary to Aldfrid when the crown of Northumbria was in dispute after the death of Aldfrid’s father, King Oswy. Northumbria is where Lindisfarne Island, or Holy Island is located.

On behalf of all the Aidan and Hilda Community in Australia, we pray that 2016, is more blessed and surrounded by love for you and your family, than the year we now leave behind. Here is our poem and prayer for you …

The saints of the four seasons,
We long to pray to them,
May they save you from torments,
The saints of the whole year!

The saints of the dry summer,
About them is this poetic frenzy
That you may come from this land
To Jesus, son of Mary.

The saints of the the beautiful autumn,
We call upon a company not unharmonious,
That they may draw near to you.

The saints of the winter we pray to,
May they be with you against the throng of demons,
Around Jesus of the mansions,
The Spirit holy, heavenly.

The saints of the glorious springtime,
May they be with you,
By the will
Of God’s fosterling (that is, Christ)

We beseech the saints of the earth,
We beseech all the angles,
We beseech God himself, both when rising and lying down,
Whatever you do or say, that you may dwell in the heavenly land.